Established in Paris in 2013, Ecole 42 is today known as the best coding school worldwide, with over 10,000 students in 20 countries. Ecole 42, which came to Türkiye through the Türkiye Open Source Platform 8 years after its establishment in Paris, aims to create a revolution in the education and software world.

42 Kocaeli is a new generation coding school with a capacity of 400 computers that will turn our country's software potential into global competitiveness. With the high-level training we will provide, we aim to fill the gap of qualified software developers who will enable digital transformation in sectors such as production, finance and communication, as well as development in technologies such as mobility, artificial intelligence and 5G. If you want to improve yourself here with thousands of software developers who will develop and shape advanced technologies all around the world, join us now!

Everything is ready, and you?